Special Exercise : 8

Creating Your Divine Perfect Mold

  • Precede this exercise by exercises 1 and 2

  • Perform this exercise at night, after your meditation period and just before going to sleep.

 When the day of your initiation arrives, your guide will give you a sign that only you will recognize, in a dream, through a synchronistic event, a word heard, an image seen. It can appear suddenly from nowhere, but you will know when it comes because your intuition will tell you. When you receive the sign, prepare yourself inwardly and outwardly, and enter your sacred cell.

After your inner preparation, follow your guide to a special place that you have never seen before. It is a tower, a most sacred and holy place. In silence, follow your guide into a small circular room. There, a Master greets you and asks you to move into the center of the room. Then, he or she stands close behind you and holds up your face so that you’re looking straight ahead. He or she asks you to visualize your Perfect Mold with astral matter. Focus your full will and love into the silvery-white radiant silhouette that now appears before your eyes. This is your Divine Perfect Mold.

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