Special Exercise : 7

  The Temple of Light

When the time comes to unfold another dimension of yourself, your inner guide will let you know in an intimate way and will accompany you into a monastery or a temple high on a mountaintop where you will be given a private cell. (This cell is not the same as the Sacred Cell that you created in exercise 4.)

You are going to visit this place from within the inner planes to prepare yourself and receive, when you are ready, an important initiation. Visualize this cell as simple and as holy as you can, remembering that you are a pilgrim in search of the meaning of your life. Learn to formulate your intent and express your deepest desire in here, so as to energize your mental and emotional bodies.

Before reaching this place, you should have performed all the previous exercises to purify your etheric and lower astral bodies since, from here on, your preparation concerns someone who will become a Server of Light, and a Server of Humanity.

Every morning and evening, try to spend about 10 minutes in your Sacred Cell and begin your spiritual work from within that sacred place.

When you feel ready from within, your guide will conduct you to a temple made of the purest light, where you will gather with many other seekers such as yourself. Adjust yourself to the vibration of these higher spiritual energies. Within your being, try to manifest the ambience of this incredible place where pure spirit is alive. 

After a period of visiting the Temple of Light or the Monastery daily, begin to include other seekers who, like you, are preparing themselves from within the inner planes of this sacred temple or monastery of light. Imagine and create a sacred meeting place where you and the other pilgrims and candidates for initiation will gather, pray, meditate and commune together. This part of the exercise is simply a change in the focus of your visualization and meditation. Instead of focusing on your personal mystery, you are including others who, like you, are attuning to the essence of Pure Being. As your focus is centered now on the essence of “being” and “being-ness,” other beings should be included in your meditations as they are also part of your “being” and “being-ness.” 

Do this for a month or more until your guide tells you that it’s time for you to receive a sacred initiation. Follow your guide’s instructions, and allow your intuition to tell you when it’s time to continue on your spiritual journey.

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