1 - Absolute Consciousness 
2 - Essence of Pure Being-ness
3 - Divine Face of the Perfect Model
4 - Spirit or the Spiritual Witness, the "blueprint" of the Perfect Model
5 - Divine Soul or Permanent Witness
6 - The Perfect Model manifests in one's life when the psyche has been purified, then the psyche is "remodeled" in a new 
"Perfect Mold" that is the "spiritual DNA" within each human being

Please remember that the use of symbolic words are to facilitate and explain as much as possible the unfolding spiritual process within a seeker. Explanations about "the Spiritual and Permanent Witnesses" are given on this website. To find them please refer to:
"The Mystery of Man part 1-2-3-4".

(Remember that you can change terminologies and words, replacing them with your choice of symbols and wordings. What is important is the meaning and the understanding you have of them. By discovering "your" inner process, you unfold the path that is best suited to you.)

If you want to know more about this fascinating subject, it is suggested that you read the articles written on the subject of the "PERFECT MODEL" (You will find them on this website) Remember also that both Witnesses are archetypal symbolic images representing two complementary expressions of the Absolute and Perfect Being


Mystery of Man part 4

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