Mind, Being and Consciousness

The real question before the spiritual seeker would finally be: Is there something really that I have to seek - and if yes, what is it? is it something physical or on the contrary a state of Being, a state of peace and therefore it cannot be a 'thing'.  As what he seeks is not an object,  the seeker can't touch or intellectually grasp what his seeking is all about. Is he seeking God, the Source, Absolute Being... outside of himself or within? If his answer is 'within' himself, what does it mean? Will words created in the mind,  prove the existence of God or Absolute Being? Would concepts explain it? No, words and concepts are 'things' meaning that they are all intellectual  concepts created in the mind. So, if it is not the mind that asks such questions because they are beyond its reach... who is doing the seeking? Which part of the seeker is seeking enlightenment? And what is enlightenment?  The spiritual seeker knows that an intellectual approach and all sorts of explanations on the subject are just encouragements pushing him to be inspired and seek  deeper, but the mind could never discover the source of Enlightenment... because the mind is a tool of Being... What is Being? It is the spirit in human beings, the noumenon, the Presence of the "I" which can never be reflected in the mind or intellect of man. What manifests in his mind and Consciousness is the Presence of the "I AM" ...that is this search cannot be force it to happen by it cannot do anything more more a force, a power within that pushes him to seek. But what is this power, this force? Definitely this power and force is not a 'thing' an object, but an energy that unfolds from within the human psyche. So, what is this energy? Electricity for example manifest in our physical world as light, or heat, but its source remains invisible and yet our physical bodies ran also on electrical currents 


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