The Kabbalah-Emanations from the Source: part 4

By Robert Green

In our lesson last week we investigated the illusion of space and the limited functions of our 5 senses, that causes this illusion. We also said that every human being has this same illusion because we all have the same 5 senses and that the reception range of each of the senses, for every person, is limited to the same band of frequencies, or vibrations. It is like each one of us has a radio in our brains, and everyone’s radio is tuned to the same stations. The reason for this sameness of reception of vibrations is because the body evolved the nervous system and the brain to be unconsciously aware of itself for the preservation of its cells and the elements that compose it. Also, the body as an entity needs for its protection, preservation, and the continuation of the life force, the eyes, ears, touch, the sense of smell and taste. These were created to only be receptive to those same vibrations of consciousness that our bodies` cells and our “outside environment” are composed.

We are aware of space and the material objects of our environment thru only 2 of our receptor senses; they are sight and touch. The other 3-receptor senses, hearing, taste and smell, were developed for the preservation and protection of the body. We must realize, though, that consciousness of the illusion of space and objects does not give us knowledge, or experiences. To have thought, ideas and imagination, there must be another element present; and that is the element of time.

In this lesson we will examine the 4th dimension, which is the illusion of time. When the subject of time is brought up, most people immediately think of the “measurement of time”. For instance: what day of what month is it, and what is the hour of the day? Now, of course, these measurements of time are not time per se, but are only arbitrary ways and means of cataloging humanity’s conscious events. Time is an illusion just as space is; but it is this illusion of time that gives us the concept of Past, Now, and Future events.

Science has discovered that our brain can only focus and perform one act at a time. Therefore, consciousness in the body is linear; meaning that it follows a time line. All thinking and all actions are of the “now”, and the split-second that the now is “realized” it becomes the “past”. The “future” always entails “deductive reasoning”, whereby, past events and experiences are projected into probable future events, or happenings. The future is always in “potential” due to the Cosmic law of cause and effect. For instance, if I see a flame and have an urge to put my hand in it to see if it is hot, my memories of past experiences will flash a message to me, that if I do this, I will be burned and suffer severe pain. If I do not put my hand in the flame, I will not be burned. Therefore, I am aware of the future concerning this act. So the potential is there in the future as an effect of a cause, based on my memories of past experience with fire.

The linear processing of sensual information by the brain gives us memory. If the brain did not process this information linearly, or in a sequence, memory would not be possible and we would not have knowledge, understanding, or experiences. Let us take a simple example. We see an object lying on the ground by our foot. We pick it up and say it is a rock. Now let us see how this happens that we know this is a rock. The atoms of the “rock” are vibrating a certain rate. These vibrations affect the light that is being deflected by the rock, and these light vibrations irritate the lens of our eyes. The optical nerve attached to the lens sends these vibrations along nerves to the posterior of the brain. This portion of the brain causes a picture to appear in the mind of the physical attributes of the “rock” and at the same instant that the rock is “realized”, a memory connection is made with the storehouse of memory in the sub conscious mind, and we say this is a rock. We “know” that this is a rock because we have experienced a rock before, in the past, and we have memories of it. If we had never experienced a rock before, we would not know what it was. If we did not have memory, we would have the same experiences over and over and each time we would consider it a new experience. Memory gives us knowledge, understanding, and thought. And memory is dependent upon the illusion of time.

Time, however, must also be related strictly to the functions of consciousness. What we conceive as time or the relation of events to ourselves can likewise be explained in relation to the duration of a period of consciousness. If there were a constant flow of consciousness, all would be the present or the now to us, regardless of where the event occurred. However, there are hiatuses of consciousness, momentary blackouts. Further there is the oscillation of consciousness, a change from one conception to another, from one idea to another. Time is the measurement of these periods of our consciousness of anything. Just as yards, meters are arbitrary measurements of our perceiving of an object in space, so seconds and minutes are the determination of the duration of our consciousness of an experience.

If it were not for memory and imagination we would not be able to divide consciousness into sections of past, present, and future. We would experience something and it would be of the now. Then our consciousness would perceive something else, which might merge with it and likewise be the now at that moment, and then our consciousness would be in chaos. It is memory and imagination, which makes it possible to alternate between the impressions that are being newly received and those being recalled and reassembled. They allow for the evaluation of the difference.

Memory impressions, while being realized, are of course always of the now also. However, there is the psychological process—not wholly as yet under-stood—by which the normal mind can distinguish between the now of memory impressions and those immediately perceived through the senses. The interval of now is purely relative to units of time

Time does not exist when we dream. Thru many experiments in sleep laboratories, conducted with people of all types, it has been found that a normal dream lasts for only a few seconds, or a few minutes for a long complicated one. Yet for the dreamer to describe the dream may take hours and if he was to “live” the dream it might cover periods of several days. Also, when we are involved and experiencing interesting and changing events, time seems to rapidly pass. Conversely, when we are bored, and do repetitious tasks, time seems to move very slowly. This proves that time is actually the duration of a conscious event, and the more experiences that a conscious event has, the more rapidly time passes. This being the case, then our lives should not be measured in the number of years we live, but by the number of experiences that we have. An interesting life with many experiences would be more desirable than a seemingly long and boring one of few experiences.

This concludes our investigation of the 4th dimension. Actually, the 4th dimension should be the first and the dimensions of space should come next, because time, the 4th dimension, is what makes the self, conscious of itself; yet time is an illusion of the brain and there is no time in the Absolute Reality of Being. Ponder on this over the week until our next lesson.


Find a time that you can be alone and turn your thoughts and concentration of consciousness toward a point in the center of your head. Think of your head as being a perfect sphere and try to visualize the very center of this sphere. Next, think of a little organ or body that is about the size of the elongation of the soft palate at the back of the throat. Visualize it as having nerves going to and from it in all directions and as being the center of consciousness of your physical and psychic bodies. As you concentrate upon it, put yourself, your thinking self, into that little body as though all of you were in it and thinking from that point. With five minutes of such concentration, several times a week, you will be enlarging its consciousness and awakening it in a manner that you will not realize objectively for some time. Never mind the name of this center or what others have said about it. The name that science has given to it is only man's attempt to label something that he does not thoroughly understand. You might merely think of it as the mind of your psychic self.

The enlargement of this center and others as we go along with the classes will develop intuition, psychic impressions, inner comprehension, and cosmic attunement.

You will soon come to know what was meant by the Master Jesus and by hundreds of mystics of his time and later when they said that the Kingdom of Heaven is within; for you will find that this psychic center is really the Portal or Threshold of the great chamber of the Divine or Cosmic Kingdom. It is worth all of the time and effort required during the next few months to stay on the path to the Portal, the Threshold of the Kingdom.



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