Sun and Moon Exercise

Sit comfortably on a chair, or lie down  on your bed, and close your eyes... relax by taking a few deep breaths... and begin to visualize at some distance on top of your head a star-like point of light... concentrate on the star  for a few moments... (pause) In your mind's eye see it taking the shape of an etheric triangle, apex upwards... (pause)  At the right angle of the triangle visualize a sun  and on its left angle visualize a moon... (pause) concentrate now on the power of the sun...( pause) and the power of the moon...(pause) Now feel the power and energy of the sun descending from the right side of the triangle and penetrate your right shoulder... remain open and receptive... (pause) Then feel the power and energy of the moon descending from the left side of the triangle and penetrating your left shoulder and be open and receptive... (pause)  Then allow your right hand and palm to receive the quality and force from the sun...  and your left hand and palm from moon... (pause)

When you feel ready, breathe in, gold energy and let it pass through you from sun to moon... Breathe out, silver energy and let it pass through you from moon to sun
(This has been found to be a very powerful exercise and should not be performed more than a couple of minutes a day, but individuals may differ).

Now, breathe in, silver and gold energies together... feel the qualities of the sun and moon circulate upwards from your palms...arms... shoulders... blending at your throat and neck regions...and continue the upward journey towards the center of your skull.... (pause)  
(Do this just a few times)

And from the center of the skull, from the same point of joining sun and moon energies, imagine a ray of pure clear Light directing itself straight upwards towards the third point of the triangle, on top of your head, at the apex of the triangle...(pause) 

Relax for a few minutes... and if you wish take a few notes... 

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