The more we get involved in the process of discovering who we really are, the more we begin to observe our own mental and emotional patterns,  the more we accept who we are and begin working on our inner process, and as a result of this understanding we come to accept and respect the role and power of the ego as a projection of our Soul Personality... Therefore, as a consequence of this knowledge and self acceptance we become compassionate and loving persons, unfolding our inborn qualities and potentials.

Some people think that to be a mystic and attune to the Soul Personality is enough to awaken higher levels of Consciousness, and therefore they think that there is no need to discover the hidden patterns that develop in our ego. While this perspective fits with some religious and exoteric Spirit-based spirituality, it is totally inadequate for the new approach to pure Mystical Traditions in which Spiritual Alchemy and Psychology are the basis to ”Know Oneself”. Therefore it is recommended that seekers from all  traditions begin their journey and quest with the exploration of the “world within”...

What we should know first of all is that the Soul Personality reflects Its Divine qualities in the ego and It also uses the ego as a personality to express these divine qualities. Therefore, it is important to understand how the ego functions... and what it does... developing subpersonalities which are mental and emotional patterns. By knowing how these patterns develop we become co-workers with the ego and begin the purification process that will help us get rid and transform some of the old patterns that are blocking the flow of our pure intuition and imagination....These two are important alchemical and spiritual tools of transformation... So we could ask ourselves the question what do we mean by ego personality? As we explained it simply means discovering our inner subpersonalities which are developed by our self protective instincts and the power of our imagination; together they form patterns and are colored by our emotional patterns... together these subpersonalities begin creating "little stories" on everything... on oneself and others... and these "little stories" which are fuelled by the power of our thoughts and emotions crystallize into these patterns and form what we call our ego personality... Thus, some of these patterns which are subpersonalities block and distort the flow of impulses coming from the Soul. 

How and why do they obstruct or distort the spiritual impulses?  To answer these two questions, simply, we must again insist on the need to go within and discover who we really are... ask ourselves questions on what are our spiritual needs? Why do we need to bring changes in some of our old patterns? When we experience the fact that old patterns can obstruct or distort the flowing of the pure Energy of the Soul.... then we understand that we must begin to WORK on ourselves and learn to meditate, keep a private diary... give importance to our dreams, observe our own reactions to ordinary circumstances and situations in the world in which we live... in other words follow a mystical discipline, but this program has to be appropriate to our needs. Without this knowledge and self discipline, inspiration and intuition are badly expressed and cannot help us grow spiritually. To be a mystic or a balanced and harmonious person one has to be able to express Wisdom coming from the heart... if not, what he communicates and tries to share becomes shallow and superficial.... Thus, to learn about who we really are... means to ask ourselves the question "Who Am I?" this is the foundation for understanding who we are, and gives meaning to what we do in life, it explains why we do things the way we do them, and most important, it shows us how and why we have to change old crystallized patterns that block the flow of our divine energy and therefore cut short our spiritual growth.

As we have just mentioned, it is not possible to resolve our problems or issues in life unless we search within and begin to unfold our inner process. To repeat what we already said many times, the inner process unfolds when we begin to analyze and discover the patterns of our ego personality and Soul Personality. The more we know ourselves at these levels, the less we will be controlled by our old habits and patterns and be even less brainwashed into accepting other people's  ideas... without measuring them with our own truth.... some can resonate with our own truth but others may not... We are free to choose... when we feel free... and open.  

Moreover, we have to clarify one point and that is that we wrongly attribute our own mental and emotional patterns to what we call: “our lower nature” – I insist that it is wrong to call our ego personality our “lower nature” because Nature is One...it is the Nature of BEINGNESS...the same in every sentient being... and part of the one and only Great universal STORY of Creation...  When we understand this to be truth  and we accept that there is only ONE UNIVERSAL STORY, THEN WE ALSO ACCEPT THAT THERE IS ONLY ONE NATURE, and that this NATURE IS DIVINE... then our own spiritual and divine impulses which remained unconscious and inactive in our subconscious unfold their powers and qualities in our psyche in such a beautiful way that the ego feels inspired to express and unfold their qualities in life... and as a result of this transformation we are less prone to project aspects of our own unconscious patterns onto others, which means that we stop creating and imagining "little stories" about ourselves and others...  

Thus, Self-knowledge is the basis of all knowledge and the foundation for being able to be of true value to others.

 We must realize that all questions that we ask about the mystery of Being arise from this one fundamental question: Who Am I? 

 When we begin in earnest to work on ourselves, then gradually the mystery of "Who Am I?" unfolds its mystery.... and we begin the questioning by not knowing how to answer it... but gradually, by repeating the same question, a time comes when Consciousness begins slowly to reveal its own secrets... which is that the secret is not an object... it is not a thing to be discovered... the answer to this most mysterious question is that CONSCIOUSNESS ITSELF IS THE ANSWER AND THE MYSTERY- the seeker who asks the question is also the one who has the answer within... which is revealed only when CONSCIOUSNESS REACHES COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS.... But between this enlightening realization, the answers are diverse and change with our own experience and different levels of Consciousness... and from self consciousness, we gradually evolve and mature into Cosmic Consciousness. 

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