Pictures of the Convento de Cristo (Convent of Christ)
Tomar - Portugal

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Picture 11

Look at the two pillars and notice that there are flames materializing and coming out of the pillars. These flames are the living spirit of divine Love and Will manifesting exactly at the level of the the third middle Pillar (the Pillar of Consciousness in Kabbalah). These living flames are above the window with 108 square lozenges and just above the heart...

These living flames seem to be nurturing the two rectangles standing between the middle pillar of consciousness. Each rectangle is formed by 50 cubic squares: 10 x 5 = 50 squares. Each square has a center... We can use our intuition and deduce from it that there is a hidden message revealing that the 108 square lozenges of the window have now been transmuted and transformed into 100 squares: 100=1x0x0=1 or, 100=1+0+0=1. In sacred numerology 1 represents the ineffable Presence of God God, the Source of our Being. Thus the two rectangles are completely surrounded and protected by a radiation of an ethereal and divine Substance...the Holy Spirit... If you look closely (look at the two pictures below for details of the squares) you will notice that the fiery radiance encircling the two rectangles is keeping the fuel of the Holy Spirit energized and active nourishing the two rectangles and the middle pillar of balance and consciousness... Each individual square within the two rectangles has another two smaller squares which represents the 3 levels within man...(etheric, astral and spiritual without forgetting the physical body as the outer framing around each square);  hence, the Holy Spirit is the Substance nurturing the adept in his whole being...You have a free hand dear readers to use your imagination and intuition to inquire on the subject of this secret mystical process.... You may ask yourselves questions on why there are in all, three plus one squares around  each centers? Maybe Kabbalah could help you find an answer...You could indeed use some of these seed ideas to discover during your contemplation your own insight ....

However, once inside the cloister there are no other major symbols pertaining to Kabalistic knowledge, except on the ceiling of a corridor next to an inner door in the cloister. Nevertheless, one should not despair because there is within the cloister ONE major important sign that is a key to "interpret" and unfold one's inner Knowledge  which is linked to this special Wall with its kabbalistic Tree of Life... And this Sign and Key represents one of the most prominent, if not the most outstanding personality in Hermetic Tradition. It is a small sculpted face of Hermes Trismegistus...however, visitors can easily pass next to it without seeing it...However, for the adept that has received the Key of this hidden riddle which is an open and closed Book...opened by the Adept/Templar and protected by the Sphinx (You will understand the meaning of the sphinx on a next page)... One can miss seeing Hermes Trismegistus because it is not sculpted on a wall but on the ceiling in a corridor...next to a small door...

Picture 12

Details of the rectangles with 10x5 squares on the left (top) and right side (below) of the middle pillar


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This drawing of the cloister wall shown below depicts the three major divisions that exists on it. It expresses the revelation of the different levels within man  namely: the consciousness of the body, the soul and the spirit... it could also be interpreted as representing the world of action, the world of formation and the world of creation, and their respective sacred Knowledge. These divisions on this drawing remind us (starting from below). It could also express the different levels of human consciousness, starting with the first dark level representing the level of individual ego consciousness, (represented by the 108 square lozenges on the window) then comes the second level which is less dark and shows the awaken level of consciousness or Cosmic Consciousness represented by the two rectangles with the 100 squares mounted by the mystic Heart on top of which stands the pillar of consciousness... and to conclude the highest level representing the Celestial Hierarchy and the Source of Creation represented by the rounded window (a rosace) representing Divine Consciousness. If we want to explain the colored divisions on this wall (look at picture below), we will notice that there are four different divisions and not three... If we just try to make a parallel with mystical Kabbalah, we will remember that the Tree of Life is indeed divided into four divisions: the spiritual plane is represented by Atziluth; the mental plane represented by Briah; the astral plane represented by Yetzirah and the physical plane is represented by Assiah Could we add more on Kabbalah? Probably...but I leave you to to do the same and use your intuition and your inner Knowledge...

Photo 14

We could ask ourselves the question was there some hidden kabbalistic knowledge involved, a secret hermetic philosophy that was written on this wall for those who could understand it? We have to remember that Pope Clement had dissolved the Brotherhood of the Knight Templars who were the only knights that were never in danger in Portugal since  King Denis of Portugal had just changed the name of the Brotherhood not to offend Pope John XXII... and therefore, the Knight Templars were known as the Knights of Christ, which explains probably why their well kept secret Knowledge had to be preserved from the official Catholic priests of the time... hidden from the eyes of the un-initiate... Well, we leave it to you dear readers to come to your own conclusions...A small other detail is that on the large Pillar on your left stands two angels and on the right pillar you have two knights... if you look closely, you will notice that the angels stand a little higher than their counterparts on the other side... the knights are standing at a slightly lower level... So these two pillars reminds us of Kabbalah... the two knight Templars represent the Pillar of Severity and the Angels stand for the pillar of Mercy... More on the next page.



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