Pictures of the Convento de Cristo (Convent of Christ)
Tomar - Portugal

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Photo 9

Details of one of the pillars framing the window

On the right and left side of the window we have two identical branches framing the 108 square lozenges  (photo 10 below) and if we look closely to one of them (top picture - photo 9) just to learn a bit more about the hidden message, we realize that both branches are rough and prickly around the window at the bottom part and smoother on the top part...on the bottom part the branches look uncultivated and wild, as if left to the control of nature...conscious involvement has no share in it, but if we continue our gaze and look upwards we can observe that these two wild and prickly branches are transformed and appear to be smoother, cultivated and well-designed as if by an inspired artist, or gardener, and if we look deeper still, we come to understand that the two branches around the two rectangles of 50 squares each (on top of the window: photo 10) have now taken a different shape all together and while they are still branches they look as if they have transmuted and been transformed into two magical pillars... magical because we can observe that there are ethereal and "living" flames pouring out of them as if to nourish and nurture the 100 squares... it is as if the Templars wanted to send us an important message which is that from that level onwards it is a higher aspect of nature which is directing the transmutation... but this "higher aspect of Nature" is part of the consciousness of our adept himself....Therefore these delicate operations come under the control of the higher Intelligence and Will of the adept... We can also notice that plants, or empty shells also decorate the upper parts of the columns....

photo 10

On the right and left sides of the central heart are two smaller symbols looking like crowned hearts and inside each one of them there are empty sea shells... the same empty sea shells form the middle pillar from which emerges a coat of arms on top of which at its apex stands an impressive crown surmounted by a Templar's Cross. Why do we have empty sea shells emptied of their content, and why do we have paradoxically a crowned coat of arms? I leave you my readers to discover the meaning of this enigma...



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