The "I AM" Presence -- The Center of Cosmic Consciousness

Though we speak of his form, the Eternal Buddha has no form but can manifest in any form. Although we describe his attributes, the Eternal Buddha has none but can manifest in any and all attributes. So if anyone sees the form of Buddha distinctly, or visualizes his attributes clearly without becoming attached to the form or to the attributes, he has the capacity to see and know the Buddha.


When we are touched by Grace, our ego unceasingly finds itself being purified of all past misconceptions and mistakes, and gradually learns to integrate with its loftier and divine counterpartthe soul. This delicate and refined blending of ego and soul manifests in our everyday consciousness as an unclouded, bright and clear presence, guiding our every step from within. This presence within our being is the awareness of the I Am. The emergence of this I Am Presence within our consciousness makes us suddenly see life differently, so clearly that it looks as if we have instantaneously entered a new world. From the moment the I Am Presence directly animates our consciousness, our life is never the same, even though to others and the outside world, things seem unchanged. In reality, however, nothing remains the same, as if a Divine hand gently pushes us forward, accompanying and encouraging us silently from within to adopt the right and suitable path. When we learn to trust the I Am Presence absolutely and follow its directive to the point of letting Gods hand lead us wherever He wants us to go, purification proceeds in earnest. From that moment on, we feel a sudden release of our burdens, onerous duties, and obligations. We then become aware that we have become a rightful follower of Gods infinite love and will.

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The "I AM" Presence

.The I Am Presence within us is God in action in our world. Feelings of liberation and joy enter an "awakened" ego because, at last, it becomes aware of its real function, which is to become an empty receptacle ready to be filled with the Divine Presence. When does this happen? Simply when the desires and needs of the ego are unconditionally and completely drawn to, and attuned to, the vibration of the soul. Then, Gods will becomes the egos will, too, manifesting fulfillment and happiness into our life. However, this transformation remains a delicate and mysterious process, as it is not of our doing, but the doing of the soul and the Grace of God.

When Gods reflection moves in our individual soul, it enlivens our ego, too. Signs and evidence of this potent presence begin to appear in our everyday life, impacting our consciousness as events become deep and meaningful, and affect the core of our being. These everyday occurrences and incidences are initiated by the Divine hand of God and our receptiveness does the rest. However, we must experience for ourselves the incredible and moving events in profound silence, awe, humility, and amazement. From then on, we know that we ourselves have become the never-ending quest. Gradually, like a child entering wonderland, we begin to understand that these miracles originate in ourselves, and are indeed projections of our own I Am Presence.

Real transformation sets in our being, shifting completely our sense of perception; our whole world is altered and yet nothing changes. How can that be? The I Am Presence is responsible for these transformations, and we are changed forever. When the process of opening up to the energy of the soul begins in us, our level of consciousness attunes itself completely with the I Am Presence and progressively masters the method of embodying the loving and exquisite energy of integration and oneness. It lets itself flow and breathe through us, bringing with it a new level of consciousnessegolessnessmarked by a lack of personal judgment or reaction to anything of any kind. Therefore, the ego becomes the vessel of the soul, allowing the I Am Presence to pour its qualities and powers into our consciousness. We then become free of our past shortcomings, and become self-reliant in carrying our Divine mission. When we learn to live in the present, we are awake, living and experiencing life through this transparent and magnetic presence. We are then guided and attracted to the right places at the right times, and we live each instant with new wonderment and awe

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With the simplification and clarification of our life, a new kind of reality appears before us, and a new order of existence unfolds its truth in our being. In a strange way, this new existence fills our whole consciousness with new kinds of vibrant perceptions and thus all phenomena and events in our life are suddenly perceived as being new and yet friendly, surprising and yet humbling, moving and loving, sad and joyous at the same time. We feel at home everywhere, and nothing seems foreign.

The Center of Cosmic Consciousness

The I Am Presence in us is also the center of Cosmic Consciousness in which the whole cosmos and creation have their foundation. This follows since truth unfolds from within our being; from within the center of the I Am, hence, when we are in harmony with our own inner center, then, the Divine Presence in us is also eternally awake. It is from this point of the I Am that our soul merges with the Universal Soul.

The more we are allowed to integrate and unify with the Divine Source, the more Cosmic Consciousness manifests in our life. As the center core of who we really are is infinite, our ego becomes simply a tool, a limited and limiting one at that, but still an important vessel, as it represents also the purified ego, the Grail and Eucharist Cup of our sacred communion with God. We certainly need the ego, for a consciousness without ego means simply a purified one in which the soul and I Am Presence are completely living the ordinary and extraordinary life of man.

We all strive for happiness and contentment, but few realize that we have a choice between two paths, one leading to the empowerment of the ego, and the other to the empowerment of Gods Presence in us. We must choose. This is the law!

Generally our choice is unconscious, through karmic possibilities. Once the choice has been made, a set of energies unfold their powers and qualities, influencing our tendencies and reactions in life that automatically lead us to one path or the other. The soul can guide the ego only when the ego has made its choice, and has an unquenchable thirst and desire to unify with it. The choice is yours. Or is it? Are you really free to choose? Esoteric teachings tell us that once on the path, there is no turning back and so, if some of us have trodden this path in the past, is it possible to regress? Each one of us is unique, each a path to ourselves, and yet all individual paths draw towards one unique point, a mysterious and invisible Center. The wind blows where it wants, so why question the direction it chooses?


the Holy Grail

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