While I was in Paris in November 1984, a friend who knew of him through his books informed me that John and his wife had moved to Africa. So, it never crossed my mind to write to him or find a way to get in touch with him, since he was no longer living in Paris. But fate decided otherwise! And strangely enough we met one evening at a concert hall. A friend had invited me to a concert. During the interval, an elegant French gentleman approached me and my friend and calling me by my name he looked and smiled at me. He introduced himself and asked if I could follow him out of the hall, saying: <someone that you know well would like to surprise you, he wants to see you, so please follow me, he is waiting in a small office just round the corner in one of the concert hall's offices>. I was taken aback not knowing how to react, but as he knew my name and it was a "surprise" I followed him, asking my friend to wait for me. The gentleman that I had never met before took me through a few narrow passages and into a small office. When the door opened… what a surprise and a cry of joy! It was he! John sitting behind a desk, his eyes radiant with affection. <I surprised you didn't I? >. He said. Apparently he had spotted me amongst the people sitting in the concert hall and asked a friend of his to call me during the interval. Of course, I was thrilled to see him and with much excitement, I related all my adventures during my training - I told him what had happened with my process after our strange encounter in Athens six months before. I also said that I was living in London and wanted to do a three years course in Psychosynthesis. John listened attentively but remained strangely silent. Did he understand what I was telling him? Did he have a clue of what my training was all about? I was not sure because there were no comments about it whatsoever.

For the next two years, I had no contact with John. I only knew that I was in a completely different world in London, my life had changed and my mind-blowing experiences of Athens were engraved in my heart but they nevertheless belonged to the past. My goal now, was just to complete my three years training and unfold my own way of harmonizing the two extreme poles within my being. So, after that very brief encounter in Paris, John was part of my past. Hence, whenever during the following two years I had to go to Paris, I had no desire to find or contact him as I thought that he was still in Africa.

However, John used to appear regularly during my vivid inner experiences, which were not dreams… He used to awaken my consciousness in subtle and gentle ways… and guide me towards something… why was he doing that? And where was he taking me? I was delighted and puzzled by all these inner experiences and felt that something was brewing from within but for what purpose? So what were these experiences? Was John really preparing me for something to come? Was this the next step after our incredible encounter in Athens? Maybe my psychosynthesis training was part of an "inner training". I had to go through it before taking the next step? I needed first to purify and understand my own negative traits. In 1987 I passed my third year tests in Psychosynthesis and had another six months to go on and find "clients" to counsel on my own. This was part of the training and during that time I had decided to go back to Cyprus and work from there. In Nicosia, people willingly started coming for private sessions and I began giving workshops in Nicosia, Limassol and Paphos, so, for me, everything was going according to plan. But to do this I still had to commute every other month to London.

I was becoming popular with a certain circle and my work spread around the island attracting about 100 members. Cyprus is a small place and this was a tremendous success. I was proud to have achieved the goal that I had set for myself. And my ego was bursting with joy and enjoying the adulation and importance given to my work. But my inner voice was not happy… something was missing, I was not at peace, there was a kind of pretence, and I felt insecure, I wanted to please and be popular with everyone and this tiring process went on for another two years, until Decembe1989.

In December 1989 I was in Paris with my husband, we were staying at the Intercontinental hotel rue de Castiglione near rue de Rivoli. I was just giving the key of our room to the concierge, when turning around I came face to face with John. I could not believe it, he was looking at me with a big smile, we both were overjoyed to meet like this once more in a hotel, just like in Athens… <What are you doing in Paris he said? > I replied that I had just finished my training and was accompanying my husband as he had business meetings during all day, I was free and was planning to go and visit an exhibition at one of the galleries…< Strange, I am with Yvonne and we were going to have lunch here in this hotel, the restaurant is very good, if you are free would you like to join us? > This is what John said with an enigmatic smile.


<Yes of course if you really want me>, I replied. After lunch, John took something out of his pocket casually, it was a small brooch; some kind of symbol and he just pinned it on my jacket. I did not even have a chance to ask him what it was, he just said < Well it is about time that you start you work in Cyprus, I have been waiting for quite sometime now>. I was still puzzled… He then continued, <Yvonne and I are invited to go and visit our new center for the first time, it is a private Order of Chivalry, apparently even my office has been beautifully decorated, would you like to come and visit it with us? > I was thrilled but still puzzled with John's mysterious talk about the "Private Order of Chivalry" and the "work awaiting me in Cyprus".

We went to the new center by taxi and we entered the luxurious premises. I did not know what to say, as I did not recognize anyone there… Most of them were young people and some older. They were all overjoyed to see John and his wife visiting the new premises… but who was I? They did not know me. But soon after the first introductions we all became good friends. John took me around and showed me everything on all five floors even the most sacred and secret room… I felt strange… why me? I am not yet a member… Why me? When John took me to his private office he asked me when would I be leaving Paris. I told him that we had to be in London in two days time. <So, you have to come back to Paris and be here on the 19 January 1989. It is very important that you be here, because I will initiate you with some others to our inner work>. I had not even a chance to think about what John was saying. What was I going to say to my husband? Yes of course he is used to my numerous travels, but we had other plans for January… To cut my story short, I was in Paris for the 19 January 1989… and this is the beginning of a new chapter in my life that will unfold many new and exciting experiences that I will maybe in the future write about....

However, My autobiography will stop here as the rest of what happened since 1989 has to remain on a personal level, but what I have experienced and still am learning, well dear seeker, I bestow it to you... through my writings on this website...




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