Under the Acropolis - A strange looking hut - I Am Alive!

 Initiation at Eleusis

Under the Acropolis...

Well what was going on was very strange to say the least, the more we proceeded and passed through the narrow streets of Plaka, the more I was immersed and engulfed by the power of the vibrations of the words that John was showering me with... The impression was, and I will never forget it that he was in a mysterious way opening a "no man's zone", or more precisely, it gave me the effect that we were passing over "the other side" of the Red Sea just like Moses had done... cutting the sea into two, opening a gap for us to cross over and reach "the other side". Why did I have that impression? I think it is because, I knew and experienced that John and I were crossing another dimension - going through an extraordinary experience where time had stopped and space disappeared. We were "out of time" and "out of the body" living full awakened consciousness...just observing and being untouched by what was going on around us. However, Harris and Andreas were becoming more and more nervous and Harris whispered in Greek in my ear <" Is John going crazy or what?"> I did not respond, but was saddened by the fact that our Greek friends were not part of this mysterious event. They were both very busy trying to find a restaurant, entering in each one of them, looking around and asking John to follow them in... But John was ignoring their appeal and our friends started to become more nervous and anxious. At one point, I can't remember which one of our Greek friends said to me in Greek < " Tell John that it is very late and the restaurants are full, he should stop climbing higher, because there are no more restaurants up there, it is just the slope and rocks of the Acropolis. Look up, there are no more lights, no road, just a narrow passage curving around the rocks of the Acropolis, only the very poor live there. We never venture up there, because they say that it is dangerous, the Plaka and the restaurants stop right here, look... let us turn back, please tell him to stop climbing higher"> . The other friend tried again without success to make us stop: < Let us hope that we can find a table in any one of the restaurants here> he said. But John was in a different world, an invisible thread was guiding every one of his steps, he was going somewhere, I knew that intuitively, so I silently followed him, ignoring the pleas of our Greek hosts. I myself had started to LIVE IN TWO WORLDS. I was listening to the voices and sounds on this world, but was crossing, passing through this world at the same time... was I in a kind of limbo? A mysterious space was starting to appear, it was taking me back into the past

Below the Parthenon

A past that had suddenly become the present and alive again in my consciousness... the more John intoned his incredible incomprehensible words, the more I was entering and penetrating deeper into a different level of reality...The soul and egregore of the Ancient Mysteries of Greece were awakening in my heart and as we proceeded in our climb, the lights surrounding us became dimmer. We were penetrating a dark side of Athens...There was no more electricity around, just petrol and oil lamps hanging near the windows and doors carved in the rocks of the hills of the Acropolis. We could detect a few flower pots of geranium here and there. These were the only human touches that told us that people live in here, in the rocks they had built their homes, it was touching and surreal...Only silence reigned, and the noise of our own steps on the stones and rough soil under our feet. John's chanting had suddenly stopped... and our two friends were still trying to make us return back down where all the noises, sounds and glitter of Plaka had long disappeared from the scene... Harris attempted for a last time and said <"It is dangerous to stay here, as you can see John there are no more restaurants here, no more road, no more lights and on top of this, we can be attacked because it is not a safe place, please let us turn back"> but John was not listening and went on higher up climbing the narrow pathway round the hill as if he knew where he was going...His chanting had suddenly stopped... It seemed that his search had come to a close and that he was about to reach his destination...


A strange looking hut

Suddenly, out of nowhere appeared on our right, a little hut made of mud and painted white... it was a very strange looking mud house. John entered it first... the owner of this humble and poor tavern came out immediately with a worried look on his face and said to Harris <" tell your foreign friend that this place is not right for him, the good restaurants are down there in Plaka, this place is only frequented by the poor living around the rocks of the Acropolis">. So, John asked Harris to say that on the contrary this was exactly the right place that he wanted to be in. Now I have to describe the interior of this humble dwelling. I will never forget what I saw that night...We entered a simple room in which were a few benches and tables. There were no chairs, no electricity, but enough oil lamps to be able to see... very uncomfortable surroundings, with strange looking people sitting around dirty tables. But what was amazing and shocking at the same time was the paintings or frescoes on the walls surrounding this humble place... This tiny little Greek tavern was filled with naive frescoes of drunken characters, with bottles in their hands, red noses, throwing up drunkards, dogs pissing on lampposts... in other words very disturbing scenes... really, how could people sit there and eat! But my shock was not an unpleasant one, because I knew that this was no ordinary "dinner party" John who I had first met in such extraordinary circumstances during an initiation on one of the astral planes, was a real person that I had just met for the first time a few days ago... This was real! and here I was now witnessing something strange, sharing my dinner with drunken, gross and vulgar people looking at me from the walls of an old Greek tavern filled with lewd and who knows what kind of people...Strangely, I felt completely at home because of John of course... If he wanted to dine in this place, I trusted his judgment and it was fine with me... but... John did not stop there... he turned around the corner of the small dining room and entered through a doorway on his right... the owner of the tavern came again surprised by what was going on and said to Harris, that if we wanted to sit in the tiny adjacent room, we were welcome to do so as this was his own little corner and personal table... John was satisfied and at last we sat down on the two benches facing each other... Harris and Andreas had to give in, they were too hungry and probably did not want to offend John who was, after all, their guest of honor.

John is a well known French mystic who has written many books, some of which are translated in English, but as he wants me to keep his name secret, I have to respect his wishes*. So, coming back to my story, our two Greek friends started asking many interesting questions on the Greek Mysteries, philosophy, esoteric and mystical subjects of all sorts, and I was doing the same, hungrily absorbing what John was saying... this conversation went on for a couple of hours when suddenly out of the blue... John's facial expression and body started to change...he looked as if he was growing in size and becoming a man possessed of a god like power, a power and an extraordinary aura enveloped him. His countenance became so powerful that all three of us stopped breathing for a moment and we were speechless... something was suddenly going on, there was a mystery unfolding and we were to witness it... John was transfigured in front of us and he started laughing aloud in a frightening manner... it shattered, cut deep into our consciousness... a slumbering unconscious part within us was forcefully awakened ... it smashed our indolence and I was electrified... Andrea started sobbing like a child, Harris was shocked and froze, I could tell because they were both sitting opposite me... I was buoyant and excited with joy... Why? For no reason... This is what happened and then something extraordinary happened... John spoke with a loud and explosive voice

The Magus - The Hierophante



At that exact moment I looked up at the wall behind my two Greek friends. I had not noticed it before, but facing me there was a fresco painted on the wall - why had I not seen the fresco before? I don't know, maybe the reason was that my head was turned to my left where John was sitting... Well, the fresco on this wall was painted by another artist. It was a very fine and beautifully painted scene representing a shepherd sitting under an olive tree, playing his pan flute, he looked as if he was waiting and protecting three little lambs... who were sleeping next to each other... surrounding the whole scene was a wooden fence... I understood immediately the meaning... the "coincidence" and the "magic" of what had happened... I was overjoyed by what I witnessed. John was indeed my guide, the master who is about to help me awaken on this plane.. On our return to our hotel, we had to separate from our Greek friends, because they were going back to their homes and we were going to our hotel. Once alone in the taxi, I told John about my discoveries and my excitement at what I had seen and felt... he smiled and said something that is personal... But what he said transformed my whole life.


Athena and the Mystery of Awakening

Two months later, I was in London, and as a consequence of this incredible true story and encounter, I stayed there for three years and a half, to study psychosynthesis... for a while I had to abandon my esoteric studies and learn to "wound" myself and open my vulnerability and heart to the world in which I had to live and come ALIVE. It was a painful process but I had to pass through it...and having done so, I have absolutely no regrets...

On 17 March 1999 I went back to Athens with three good trusting friends from Cyprus, we did not know what was going to happen, but we knew that we had to go to Eleusis. This part of my own autobiography will be added at a later date... When I feel ready to do so.

Thank you my friends to have followed me as far... You can see why I am calling this autobiography, "the autobiography of a Fool" it is because everything that I have written is true, but seen from a different perspective, it is one of a FOOL...

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* Since then "John"  who is Raymond Bernard has given me permission to reveal his name

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