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How will I continue with this autobiography? Should I follow the "normal" way of writing my story, or should I follow my intuition and choose an unconventional way? I will choose the second option since intuition has a strong link with everything that has happened to me and for this very reason I feel it would be a more appropriate way of telling my story. Accordingly, what I am about to reveal has its source here in the meanderings of a confused and ignorant world. However, my hope is that through these autobiographic pages you will discover with me, another parallel world that co-exists in and around us all the time. This "other" world has links with this one and with the ways we live our truths. Reality changes with our eagerness to discover new realities. However, these new realities remain part of the physical world but they have the ability to give us the impression that we are seeing them through a new pair of eyes. To give you an example, let us consider a tree. We could say that a tree is recognized by our conscious self to be a tree because we have previously seen many similar trees... but what happens if we go beyond the appearance of the tree? What reaction do we get when we focus our attention on a more profound aspect of our intellect and contemplate the workings and affinities of all the different parts of the tree? in other words, what takes place in us when we look at its roots, trunk, branches, leaves, flowers and fruit and then let our intuition guide us to a different level from where we can observe the tree, synthesizing and unifying all the parts together? 

What do we learn from this experience and how do we feel then about the tree? Is it not true to say that this kind of contemplation helps us enter into an attunement with the tree's own essence? And when this attunement takes place can we not say this takes us into a new level of reality? Therefore can we not see that this experience projects us into a new level of consciousness? We could go further and add that by this example, we are showing you that each time we discover and realize something, this means that a new world opens up in front of us and with it a new way of looking at it. This is so because our inner perception and understanding is then projected around us in the world. To conclude, we could express the idea that this world is composed of as many layers and planes of existence and realities as we can create that become visible to man only when he is ready to plunge into his own mystery and from there awaken... to this truth. And then, when he does that, it means that a new layer and part of this world awakens with him...

When we feel that we are ready to take such a plunge and allow our consciousness to follow the silent voice of intuition, then "things" start to change and happen around us. It is as if we are knocking at the sacred door of initiation. This door is the entrance of many inner worlds...and for each inner plane we discover a corresponding "perceptible" reality. This is part of a process that activates around us parallel worlds that co-exist within us and that manifest at the same time outwardly. Each one of these worlds leads us to the same unique center of pure clear light which some like to call cosmic consciousness. And like a rolling ball following the natural direction of the slope of a mountain, each one of us resembles this rolling ball tumbling down the slope...and karma teaches us to "bounce" and "jump" on our way down the slope, just like a ball. However, to be able to do that, we need the help of a mysterious element, an inner impulse, a power and a Will that directs us safely down the hill... This power within shows us ways of counteracting the obstacles and also teaches us how to bounce back into life, just like a ball, while sliding all the way down the hill to its resting "place".... The point that I am trying to make is that the hidden path of initiation and of awakening begins within each one of us, but it also takes into consideration how we are living our life. How many changes do we wish to bring about. This inner desire is the fuel that starts the whole process and quest and it unfolds for each one of us a unique way of awakening.

Therefore, the inner path becomes clearer when we take the plunge and trust the process to unfold itself in front of us. As we have said before, this world accommodates and is overlapped by many other ones...So, we could add that the mystical path becomes visible to those only who are willing to see with their "inner eyes" and "listen" with their " Inner ear "... However, unfortunately, few people are ready to look and see within themselves to find the other side of reality in life and fewer still have the courage to trust the impulse that pushes them "down the hill" like a rolling ball, letting themselves "spin" down towards the unknown but unifying center of existence and pure Being.

However, if one chooses to take this path, he should not be surprised to discover that the law of synchronization follows him everywhere and like a roller-coaster directs his steps through his entire existence, veering him towards unsuspected and sometimes unknown directions. When this time comes, do not hesitate, follow your lucky star and allow your intuition to guide you...And when your mind lets go, abandon everything and follow the Intelligence of your Heart, just let this magic moment happen... and like the bouncing ball trust and let yourself fall into the abyss of your own being... There you will never be alone... An invisible hand will hold you all the way down where sweet Eros (pure spiritual Love) awaits you... Then, Real Life and Existence bounces back into your life and it appears in the form of a good Friend... the Daïmon or projected Image of your Soul suddenly manifests in your life directing you to a particular physical place where you will meet with someone who is enlightened and with whom you will be working... He will be. your physical Initiator. The silent guide who will take you around the maze of your psyche.

Athens April 1984

What I have written up to now is the preliminary part of my story. However, my intention in doing so was to prepare you to understand the whole process of initiation. Real initiation awakens pure consciousness of Being and has nothing to do with rituals and physical initiations which are only the preparatory steps towards this end. Hence, the real awakening process begins on this plane of existence but its goal is to reach another one that belongs to the Soul. Thus an enlightened person living on this plane should at the right moment show up in our lives and guide you through the different realms that we need to awaken within our being... We will subtly be shown by such an enlightened person that an event taking place on the physical level could also open a passage to another dimension. In other words, the role of such a wise teacher is to activate the slumbering spiritual energies within each one of us. 

So my spiritual quest started in 1968, but the "master appeared" only fourteen years later. Here is that part of my real story and it started, one night at the Plaka in Athens, Greece. This was triggered by an extraordinary man. A man who helped me awaken and live on "two planes" at the same time. In due course, I hope to be able to explain what I mean... but for the moment, let me just say that in this second part of my autobiography I will reminisce and relate certain experiences and encounters that I am allowed to reveal here. But let me start with the first encounter that I had with my spiritual Teacher whose mission is to awaken Consciousness. This meeting took place in Athens on Sunday April 29 1984. And if at a later date I am prompted to continue with my story, then, I will add my experiences and initiations that took place in France, England, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Jerusalem, Cyprus and Peru.

Before beginning my story, I should give you a few preliminary explanations concerning my psychic and spiritual condition and preparation that I went through prior to my meeting in Athens. On Thursday 11 August 1984 and the following few nights, I had a series of lucid dreams in which I was passing through purification processes involving the four elements (earth, water, air, fire). From childhood, if you remember in part 1 of this autobiography, I said that often during the night my consciousness remained awake while my body was asleep. So, when in 1968 my interest in mysticism and the esoteric opened up, dreams started to become very important again because through them I began to receive meaningful teachings. By being awake during sleep and through lucid dreaming I started to open up to a different intelligible world in which a new kind of exploration and discovery was taking place. This awakening process opened in me a mysterious path, a path that was taking my consciousness to extremely contrasting experiences... One moment I was experiencing blissful and uplifting experiences and the next I was suddenly falling into hellish and infernal ones. From feelings of ecstasy and awe... I was being pulled down to painful and distressful experiences.... These inner states were no dreams... but part of subtle inner "operations" and adjustments that were necessary for my psyche to help awaken to its true nature...This mystical "operation" will probably have to be explained thoroughly in a new message, (to help you and give you a hint about what I am talking about, let me refer you to the myth of Psyche and Eros). This painful period of my life with all its ups and downs lasted for nearly four years: from 1984 to 1988.

So my story begins in Athens on April 27. 1984.

I had been invited to attend for the first time a Greek cultural convention in Athens as the representative of Cyprus. The reason for this invitation was to present a slide-show of my paintings and explain the mystical philosophy behind each one of them. With me were two others guests, a French couple whose wife only spoke French. Being the only available French speaking guest, I was asked if I would be kind enough to accompany them around Greece.

Now how can I start this strange story...The French gentleman in question to whom I will give a different name, to respect his anonymity, was known to me not in the "flesh". I had lucid dream experiences with him in which he was teaching me certain things about the process of "purification". But more than that, even before having been involved with mysticism, I had often heard his voice just before waking early in the morning. He used to whisper or shout short comments, usually in my right ear, on certain aspects of the lucid dream that I had just had. So you can imagine my shock and surprise when I suddenly saw him and heard his voice... Was I dreaming? I could not believe that such a thing was possible...This man was not a fiction of my imagination, but really existed in the flesh... I was suddenly given the opportunity to be with him and his wife in the flesh... I could not believe my luck and immediately accepted this incredible offer. Having said that, I could not guess what was about to happen next. The last time that I had visited Greece was when I was twelve years old. So I was as much a tourist as they were, but fortunately we had two of our Greek hosts accompanying us on our tour of Athens and its environment...

Here was I having to travel around Greece with the same person who had accompanied me in a lucid dream. He was there with me when in 1970 this incredible initiation took place. Suffice it to say that during this experience I was awakened spiritually from within the astral planes as a "Being of Light" and realized that I was baptized and transformed... awakening at the same time a level of consciousness which made me recognize myself as a "Cosmic Being". During this episode, this wonderful man was there with me, accompanying me to the place where the transformation was about to take place...And now here he was in the flesh in front of me in Athens... I did not expect anything special from him, the fact that he really existed was enough to make an incredible "rupture" in my consciousness and this contact made a breach, a crack in my perception and my way of looking at the world around me and in myself... A strange exciting feeling started to operate in me, was I really capable of understanding what was happening to me? Was I really worthy and strong enough to face and open up to this person and would I be open and intuitive enough to understand what was expected of me? Those were questions rushing to my mind and they were being mixed with feelings of excitement, joy and wonderment.

What happened on Wednesday 21 January 1970 happened again on Sunday 29 April 1984, between the two, a gap of fourteen years had passed (7x7= two cycles of 7 years ). If in 1970 the awakening process activated a certain level of consciousness in the inner planes, I still needed a long time to digest what had taken place on the inner planes. So, the second phase which started on Sunday 29 April 1984 was about to unfold for me in Athens, it was the actualization of what had happened on the inner planes fourteen years ago, but I could not guess nor imagine this at the time. It is only now with hindsight that I understand its meaning. and importance.

After all five of us, (John his wife, two Greek friends and myself), had visited certain important sites and temples around Greece over the period of a few days, on the last day, in the afternoon of Sunday 29 April having come back to our hotel to rest around six o'clock and before separating from the small group, I heard John (I will call him by this name to respect his anonymity) turn and say to the two young Greek friends, who I will call Harris and Andreas < "see you later to go to Plaka ". John's wife was tired after the long journey and traveling, so she asked to be excused and said "a demain" (see you tomorrow) and retired to her room. As for me, having heard what John had just said to Harris and Andreas, a kind of anxiety and torment penetrated my heart. Should I ask him if I could join them and go with them at Plaka? or will that be improper because they are three men and I am a woman inviting myself to join an "all men outing!" maybe I was going to spoil their plans... and be rejected... was I ready to take the risk? Yes, yes I was and I jumped enthusiastically, like a little child and said to John <Do you think that I can join you tonight?> I will never forget John's facial expression, he turned around and in a gentle and amusing way said " but of course Alice you can. meet us downstairs in the hall at 8 PM." That was all... I had invited myself to follow them at the Plaka.

Plaka is the most touristic place in Athens, in 1984 there were much fewer souvenir shops around and many more restaurants called "bouzouki" where Greeks and tourists blended. Greeks are very friendly people and they love life, singing and dancing all night with guitars, wine, broken plates and loud laughter are part of the soul of Plaka... So my joining the group of three men was a "first" for me, because in those days, not only was I very shy, but to top it all hated such ambiences...Full of noise, cigarettes and sounds of all kinds. It was not an atmosphere conducive to deep thoughts , nor could it help in listening to the wise words of John... No, I realized that nothing very "deep" was about to happen. We were genuinely going out just to have a bit of fun, feel the Greek "pulse" and penetrate the Soul of Athens. I should add here for those who don't know, that Plaka is underneath the Acropolis where the Parthenon stands.

At five minutes to eight o'clock I was downstairs waiting in the hall, very excited but still a bit embarrassed to have invited myself in this way. John was there with Harris and Andreas, we waited for a taxi which was quite a problem to find even in those days. After a short time, we managed to find one in front of our hotel and Harris gave the direction in Greek to the driver. <take us to the Plaka>.

We alighted from the taxi and took one of the main streets in Plaka... and Andreas and Harris were discussing about finding a good place to dine, but John was oblivious of what was said, he was preparing something else... He was walking on his own, in front of me, hands behind his back, looking straight ahead. Our Greek friends were following behind me... John started chanting unintelligible words. Words which were incomprehensible but very impressive and powerful... He was intoning them aloud, with a strong voice... and at a certain place he stopped and staring at the window of one old house, he turned around and looking into my eyes, said < Alice, regardes bien, c'est ici que c'est passée la rencontre... > translation in English: < Alice look, it is right here that the meeting took place...> I was shocked and embarrassed because I did not know what he was talking about... No I knew what he was saying but could not believe that John was making such a revelation to me... who was I to enter into his personal confidence... Harris and Andreas were still disputing between themselves about where to go for dinner and they were altogether living in a different world, not realizing was really happening...


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