Interpretation of Platoís Allegory

For me, the purpose of this allegory defines clearly the process of enlightenment. For a man to be enlightened, he must above all desire the freedom to explore and express himself. This urge has to become an intense need, a driving force that unlatches deep within him a necessity to discover a new way of understanding and experiencing his relationship with himself and the world in which he lives.

This driving force that pushes him to explore and search for something that he cannot initially define is the same one that pervades and operates in nature, pushing everything within creation to transform itself continuously. Therefore, we understand that this force is a natural underlying energy permeating and influencing the physical, psychic and spiritual substance of all created and living species, allowing them to continually transform and develop. Hence, we observe, that this same process of transmutation and change also affects and influences manís physical, psychic, and spiritual characteristics and attributes. Indeed, these three aspects in man come under the same governing laws of nature, and there is no exception to the process. In other words, man is bound by an unknown driving force that pushes his whole being towards an unknown goal and destiny.

This wondrous and unfathomable energy urges him to move on, and follows a specially designed path. This path unfolds gradually, subtly shifting his ways of perception and understanding. However, manís destiny remains a mystery to him for a long time to come; indeed, it stays concealed within his being through many cycles of incarnation until consciousness within him is able to adjust and expose itself, helped by a new surge of universal influence. This influence is a cosmic and Divine energy that pervades everything within creation and the center of this source is found within his own spiritual dimension

This energy is called consciousness, and consciousness unfolds in creation gradually. Why does it do that? Simply, to manifest, awaken and reflect back myriad manifestations through the whole and unique Center of Pure Being.



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